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Monday, June 27, 2011

Post Plus: Tribute to Tsunami Stricken Japan

In May, my family and I visited our Japanese friends in tsunami stricken Sendai. Words cannot express what it was like to hear the stories and see the devastation in person. A mangled bicycle here, an old photo album there; even a butsudan (a family altar of sorts) lay tangled in the piles of rubble scattered around the bare foundations that once supported dozens of beautiful homes.

Someone owned that bicycle - did they get to higher ground? The people in the photo album - were they spared? The family with the butsudan - will they ever come to know Christ, or is it already too late? It's thoughts like these that flood your heart and soul as you walk amongst the wreckage.

If you want to understand how, without Christ, the Japanese can go on after such a terrible disaster, listen and watch this deeply moving music video done by Japanese, for Japanese. They are an amazing people and I count it an honor to have known and lived amongst them for 2 decades of my life.

Here's another deeply moving tribute using the song of a Nigerian born artist - "How do people live [like this]?"